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Bible Study

List of 2016-2017 Life Groups

To contact Group Leaders, please call or email the church office, and we will pass on your message. You can reach us at (503) 656-3854 or baptist.church@comcast.net.
Sermon-Based Life Group
Contact: Pastor John Aman
Open to: Adults
Meets: Select Thursdays, 7 pm

Bible Study of Paul's Letters - Dinner Group
Contact: Jeanne Vance
Open to: Everyone
Meets: Select Sundays, 6:00 pm

Bible Study - Walk Through Romans
The Epistle to the Romans, written and inspired through the Holy Spirit between A.D. 57-58 by Apostle Paul. He wrote this book to the believers in Rome. It helps us to break out of old patterns and become new in Christ. Learn about our struggles with sin, unity, hope and praise, being a living sacrifice, the judgement and wrath of God and becoming glorious conquerors. Come sit around the table and enjoy fellowship with one another as we gather together seeking the face of Christ changing old patters to new for a closer walk with HIM.
Contact: Annmarie Raycraft

Open to: Adults of all ages
Meets: Every other Wednesday, 7 pm

Men's Basketball Group
Contact: Don Gonzales
Open to: Men of all ages
Meets: Every Monday, 7 pm


Contact: Shari Secor
Open to: Adults with disabilities and their families
Meets: 3rd Saturdays, 2 pm, in the Lower Level
Theme: Fellowship & Fun!